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A testament to the skill and dedication of our team.

Another busy start to the year saw us deliver production phase drawings for 286 dwellings to Taylor Wimpey West London for their Parcels Q & T at Saxon Heights, Andover.

This is the latest phase of the ongoing engagement between WADP and Taylor Wimpey on this site, a relationship that started back in 2008.

Having exceeded all expectations to deliver Q & T in less than 12 weeks WADP were immediately appointed to work up the next phase of the project and delivered full production information for 208 dwellings in an extraordinary 8 weeks. The speed and accuracy with which WADP can respond to the demands of developer clients is a testament to the skill and dedication of our architectural team.

Despite the frenetic start to the year we don’t stand still and production phase design has now started on Phase 2b of the NES Crawley development for Taylor Wimpey South Thames, comprising 169 dwellings.

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